E - Learning BOP
… is a network established for teachers by teachers.
This network aims to support e-learning leaders in each school to better support their own staff to harness the potential of e-learning.
Is this network for you?
  • Would you like to explore themes of common interest? Access people with expert knowledge? Stay up-to-date?
  • Are you responsible for e-learning and/or curriculum in your school?
  • Would you like to be part of a local network of Y0-Y10 teachers with similar roles?
  • Are you prepared to share your ideas and ask others for help?
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* Welcome
* Speed-Geeking
* Themes to Explore Today
Speed Geeking :
  • Groups of 3-4
  • Mix of schools
  • Each person in the group gets one minute to introduce themselves and to talk about something that is ‘hot on their radar’ in terms of ICT and education.
  • All group members have a turn .
  • This exercise is repeated with another new group.
  • New content themes may be added to the whiteboard – to contribute to the day’s/future programme.
Theme: Mobile Technologies
…predicted in the Australasian Edition of the Horizon Report as likely to have a significant impact on education within 12 months. http://blog.core-ed.net/derek/2010/01/horizon-report-2010.html

Toni Twiss : Exploring Mobile Technologies

Werner Marx : What to consider when making purchasing decisions?http://www.technologycentre.co.nz/

Using iTouch to improve literacy - video here

Education Applications for iPod Touch
Check out these fantastic lists of educational aps
50 Fun iPod aps to get kids reading and writing
PodStemic - Educational Aps Directory
Berkley Intermediate Hamilton - Apps we use
Apps for Special Education
Anne Cato's iPod Bookmarks
Educational Origami - Andrew Churches' list of iPad Apps
Recommended iPod Aps - categorised by learning area, ability, age...
iPodTouch Classroom - a wiki of apps and uses
Toni Twiss is a former English and Media Studies teacher. She now works as a NZ Curriculum and eLearning adviser and an ICT PD facilitator at two secondary schools. Ministry of Education eFellow: research the potential for the use of mobile phones in the classroom.

Living and Learning On The Cloud:
A Mobile Perspective

Werner Marx is the owner /operator of the technology centre – Tauranga

Mobile Technologies: Questions To Consider

Further Links:
e-Learning Smack down

A Smackdown is an opportunity to share lots of cool tools and inspirational ideas in a short space of time. This is an opportunity for participants to present and share with minimal preparation and to let others know what you are interested in.
The 3 minute time limit also enables us to hear from lots of people. See something you like or want to know more... all links and ideas will be shared at Smackdown on a Wall Wisher . You are invited to add your ideas at anytime,both before and during
Theme: E-Capability and Your School – Systems and structures.
*Strategic planning and E-learning

*School curriculum design and review

*Integrated planning- planning for the integration of digital content, ePortfolio samples, Inquiry …

SOLO. A good model is the SKM Sustainability unit. Just search for this, link on hooked-on-thinking site :)

ICT and inquiry learning;

Theme: E - ssential tools and strategies for reluctant teachers
What etools are essential in all classrooms that will also help engage/inspire reluctant teachers?
Improving interactivity with IWB
Table Mat- collaboratively create a table -mat and/or
online project : 21 things for Teachers: http://www.21things4teachers.net/

*Teaching as Inquiry
*Jane Hart: Top 100 Tools for Learning
To be inspired by a similar network please visit: http://acesnet.wikispaces.com/Educampnz+2010

How can you participate?
Everyone is invited to participate in some way...

The day will kick-off with a 'speed-geeking session' to get to know a few people. At some stage during the day we will have an e-Learning 'Smackdown' - a smorgasbord of fantastic ideas and resources contributed by attendees.
The rest of the day will be guided by your contributions below.
IMPORTANT : The wiki is open so please select 'edit this page ' and add your ideas to the table below.
For those of you who joined us last time ( 20th May) you may like to scroll down and see the ideas gathered from the last session.
What else?
Date: 19th August. Time : 9-3pm
Venue: School Support Services, 142 Durham Street, Tauranga.
Cost: $50
Morning Tea and Lunch are provided.
To register:please add your name to the table below or email me : rjensen@waikato.ac.nz

Spaces are limited to 30.
Please bring your laptop.
and .... this group also operates a 'google group' to join in the conversations please subscribe by adding your email to the 'subscribe' box on the left -hand side of this page.

Name and School

I am interested in...

Email/blog ...

Lizette Turnbull- Waihi Beach School

Jess Hardley - Waihi Beach School

Hamish Wadworth - Te Puna School
integrated planning- planning for the integration of digital content, ePortfolio samples, Inquiry …
Anne Cato-
St Mary's, Rotorua
bringing 15 itouches, would like
to hear of good ed. apps
Judith Smallbone - St Mary's, Rotorua

Tash Francis - Katikati Primary

Andrea Nicholson - Katikati Primary
ICT and inquiry learning; improving interactivity with IWB
Karen Scott - Te Puke Primary
I’m really keen to learn what is going
on out there with ipods –
particularly how schools manage
itunes accounts
Julie Andersen - Kaharoa School
What etools are essential in all classrooms that will also help engage/inspire reluctant teachers?

Ensuring best privacy settings.

Gina Prebensen
Matua School
Sue Walmsley
Pyes Pa School
Rachel Toy
Forest View High School

Raylene Sommerville
Forest View High School

Miriam Duschle
Forest View High School

Theresa Walker
Forest View High School

ideas gathered from the ( 20th May) group re themes to explore next time:
  • Strategies for upskilling our staff/leading others
  • Changing Views of Teachers who don’t have confidence in teacher IT
  • Integration across the curriculum/Making It Manageable
  • E-portfolios
  • Connections – primary/intermediate/secondary

Recap on last meeting:
  • Collaborative projects -Pam and Judi update
  • IWB/Data shows Research Update – Phil
  • Revisit Lng Paths
  • Lit Lng Progressions
  • MADE awardsNZC - school review and design where does e-lng fit?